Client Comments

Karen G.

Lynne persevered to complete the sale of a fabulous home, a win/win for buyer and seller. She made practical recommendations about improvements and repairs to make during the selling process and staging. She worked with the reality of time and energy available. There were paperwork hurdles to overcome and back and forth offers, which she stuck with to the end. Lynne was caring, patient, and diligent in her efforts to sell this home in a tough economy and market. She helped schedule a closing date that was feasible for the seller. She followed through, dropped by to see how things were going and what could be done to keep things moving along. Her assistance made the sale possible.


My wife and I were new to Portland and had very little knowledge of the neighborhoods. Lynne not only knows the area well, but she talked with us to find out what our likes/dislikes were so that she could help guide us to the right fit for our new home. Lynne was responsive and respectful to our needs. She guided us to what fit our needs, not her idea of what she thought she should buy. We looked at dozens of homes; Lynne was with us every step of the way. Her energy and enthusiasm was the same on the first house visit as it was on the last. Not only did Lynne help us find a great house, she helped us learn about Portland. Recommending restuarants, local attractions, and the businesses/services we needed to begin our life in Portland. If we ever move we will call Lynne--she is not only a professional, she is now our friend.

Michelle F.

We had a wonderful experience working with Lynne; she knew exactly what we wanted and needed, and found us a perfect home! She was always quick to respond to our questions/concerns and always with a smile on her face, even after we closed and we had follow up questions. We would definitely use her again.


Lynne was delightful to work with. Her enthusiasm and willingness to be available was impressive. She made us very respectful of how much is required of realtors. Throughout the entire process of finding the appropriate home, having it inspected, monitoring the repairs, referring competent repair workers, and finishing the paperwork, she was attentive and professional. We are very pleased with her abilites and gratful for her assistance.

Andrew A.

I have to tell you of our experience with Lynne! My wife and I met Lynne about 8 years ago when she helped us buy our house here in Portland. She was referred to us by a local, and she showed us all the different areas in Portland, and how they were all different from each other and why. When we finally settled on the Alberta Arts area, we were driving around doing comparisons and really getting an education of the market, when I saw it... "Lynne! -pull over!" This was the house I wanted to live in. Absolutey, positively, this was it! Lynne nicely said, "Well, OK, -it's not for sale, but I'll go and knock on the door and see what we can do..." Lynne was cautiously diligent, and a few months later, we were in that house. I think anyone else would have had the door slammed in their face. We feel very lucky to have met her, and we are still friends today!


I worked with Lynn Grisby for several months in searching to find my first home. She was not only very patient but educated me in key areas I needed to learn in looking for "my" home. That included neighborhood, styles, colors, ease of location, and much, much more. I not only learned a lot, I had a lot of fun with her. She is very, very knowledgeable and has a very keen eye for detail and can "picture" lots of things or what could be with a home. She is very professional but also works with heart, which is very important to me. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to sale or buy and someone who works very hard, knowledgeable and will tell you quite honestly about what you need to know.

George and Sandra B.

Lynne Grigsby was the perfect realtor for us. She was in tune with both of us as we organized our lives to leave our home of 44 years. Lynne had to deal with our differing emotions, needs, and expectations, and she did it like the expert and sensitive person she is! One of us was excited about moving and downsizing and the other was, while wanting to do it, finding it difficult to choose what to take and what leave behind. Through it all Lynne was by our sides, recognizing our feelings and guiding us along the path of selling our home. We could go on and on about what a fantastic realtor Lynne is. Suffice it to say that in our experience and opinion realtors don’t come any better than Lynne Grigsby.